Retterbush Graphics & Packaging operates out of a 17,000 sq. foot facility located in a northern suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. Our original facility opened at 6213 Centre Park Dr., West Chester. In 2002, the company moved within the same industrial park just a few streets over to 6187 Schumacher Park Dr., West Chester.

The new facility allowed us to reinvest in new equipment and streamline the printing process to eliminate unnecessary steps. Even more, it gave us more room to store inventory in a climate controlled area for high-volume, recurring customers. Our central US location and access to I-75 allows us to quickly expedite your orders while keeping shipment prices low. And, we can personally deliver your order if time is of the essence and you’re in the local area.

Whether it’s our front office, art department, pre-press operations, production facility, or distribution center, our facility is designed to meet changing label trends. We use current technologies in all facets of our everyday operations to serve you. The following equipment is just a sampling of our ability to meet client needs:


7” Comco, 3-Color
7” Comco, 4-Color
7” Comco, 7-Color
2 – 10” Comco, 7-Color
10” Comco, 8-Color


10” Rotoflex Rewinder
13” Rotoflex Rewinder
Fanfold Table Rewinder
Hand Rewind Table

Plate Imaging

Negative Developer
Plate Oven
Plate Wash-out
Chemical Wash-out


Shrink Table
Shrink Tunnel

Call us today at (513) 779-4466, Monday – Friday, 7:30 am to 4:00 pm, and let us show you what is possible!