Flexographic Printing

  • Utilizes a flexible relief plate, a modern version of letterpress
  • Fast, economical method well-suited for printing large areas of solid color and long-run projects
  • Excellent print quality up to 7 colors, and UV inks
  • Handles complex die-cutting, perforating, and scoring
  • Food labels, industrial labels, pharmaceutical, barcode, self-adhesive labels, coupon labels, and more.

Variable Label Printing

  • Used when numbers and barcodes are required on products
  • Numbers in sequence
  • Varied, random, or alpha numeric coding, and barcodes
  • Software license codes

Screen Printing

  • A technique where a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate
  • Used primarily for outside applications, but can be used indoors
  • Handles extreme and harsh environmental conditions
  • Solar panels, electrical boxes, antennas, industrial equipment, farm machinery

Finding a solution that works for you is our goal. That’s why we offer several adhesive options that are environmentally safe, solvent-free, and customizable without sacrificing performance. Available options:

Permanent Adhesive – Labels that stay . . . forever!
Non-Permanent Adhesive – Low-tack label . . . remove whenever!
All-Temp Adhesive – Labels that withstand extreme temperatures
Repositionable Adhesive – Labels that move from one place to the next

As always, we will work with you to get the product you need. Other options are a possibility… Just ask!