Our labels cover a wide range of uses for our customers. The quality of our labels can withstand extreme temperatures, showcase unique brands, ensure accurate number identification, adhere to strict product guidelines, and promote safety and service. The customers we serve work in varied industries such as, automotive, food, beverage, healthcare, technol-ogy, distribution, safety/compliance, and more. Whether you are branding a new product to stand out from the rest, or maintaining accuracy and efficiency in your day-to-day packaging operations, our labels will help you exceed your goals.


  • Customizable labels that fit a very specific need for a customer. They’re often novelty products that are promotional in nature and require specific substrates to create.

Primary uses: tattoos, window clings, specialty/character stickers, scratch-n-sniff stickers, decals

Consumer or Retail

  • Eye-catching labels that showcase brands at the point of purchase through unique artwork, color, and logos. Adhe-sive-side labels allow the consumer to see through a product, such as a bottle, and double the client’s text space.

Primary uses: food/nutritional, beverage, cleaners/disinfectants, household products, product displays, coupons, sale items


  • Approved labels that must meet certain safety requirements defined by the Underwriters Laboratories and Canadian Standards Association.

Primary uses: appliances, electrical cords, machinery, light fixtures, medical equipment, etc.


  • Long-lasting labels designed to withstand the elements for manufacturers. These labels are used to aid in safety, inventory control, organization, operational use, and transporting products.

Primary uses: heavy machinery, equipment, warehouse distribution, tools, chemicals, tamper-evident security


  • High-function labels with the purpose to keep order, identify, and track products. This includes sequential and non-sequential number labels, as well as UPC/Barcode Labels.

Primary uses: mailings, warehouse tracking, ID’s, library books, point-of-sale items, coupons, security tags